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In India, the top agricultural exports are in the form of rice & spices. MEG Exporters are the #1 exporters & suppliers of basmati, non-basmati rice, and spices, especially from Kerala. Having our own warehouse, transportation facilities and export clearances allows us to give our customers the best competitive commodity pricing. We provide our customers high quality products on time thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Spices export from India is really important since Indian spices are of high demand all over the world. Known for its taste as well as medicinal properties, they are in huge demand. MEG Exporters are the top spices export company from India. MEG Exporters are leading exporters of non-basmati rice in India. The non-basmati Rice, offered by the company, is well-known for its flavor, taste and nutritional value.

Why Are We the Best Spices Company in India?

At MEG Exporters, we believe that quality of our products can speak for us. Our experienced workers make sure to deliver Premium Products that earned us reputation as an internationally recognised exporting company.

MEG Exporters

Leading Exporters of Rice & Spices in India

Our vision is to be the top exporters of agricultural products like rice & spices. We export all Indian spices, basmati rice and non-basmati rice. So far, our clients have been super satisfied with our ability to meet the market’s ever-increasing demands in India & all over the world. The fastidious manner in which our products are exported have gained us the name of the top spices export company from India.

Basmati Rice

We sell authentic basmati rice grown in the Indian subcontinent in bulk quantities. Long grained and aromatic, this rice has been the favorite for Biriyani, Pulao, fried rice etc., other than being used for normal cooking.

Non Basmati Rice

Non-basmati rice is a favorite of almost all Indian households. MEG exports pure non-basmati rice for daily use. Contact us for buying different varieties of non-basmati rice in bulk as well as in various packaging quantities.


MEG is the top spices exporter in India. Spices form an integral part of all Indian, Sri Lankan & Asian dishes. We export Indian spices of Premium quality. MEG packings help the spices to keep their distinct flavor, aroma & texture intact.

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Basmati Rice

We provide long, slender basmati rice with irresistible aroma and flavor. MEG exports believe in exporting products with zero contaminants or artificial agents. Being a trusted basmati rice exporter in India, we provide basmati rice in bulk quantities.


Non - Basmati Rice

MEG exports non-basmati rice of various size, color and quantity. Contact us for more details and for buying in bulk. We have earned name as the one of the top 10 rice exporters in India.

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MEG Exporters based in India, has a vision of becoming the best international exporter for spices, basmati & non-basmati rice. We provide finest quality products at competitive pricing at the right time. Currently our services are available at all continents other than Antarctica. We export to all countries in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe & Australia. Some major cities to which we export on a regular basis are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are asked regularly by our clients

India is the world’s biggest spice producer, consumer, and exporter, producing 75 of the 109 kinds listed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Saffron is expensive than Gold. Yes, you heard it right, saffron is the most expensive spice that is exported from India. Other than being used in cooking, this flower is believed to have cosmetic properties.

The top importers of the Indian spices are:

United Arab Emirates, USA, UK China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia & Sri Lanka.

Black Pepper is known as the king of spices. Majority of black pepper is exported from Kerala- a state in South India.