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India and Indonesia are native countries of cardamom, one of the world’s most widely used spices. MEG exporters are the best cardamom exporters in Kerala, India.

Asians use cardamom in sweet and savory foods alike. We make sure to deliver top quality pure cardamom to any location worldwide as per the request of our customers. Cardamom is available in two variations, green & black. MEG exporters deal with the green cardamom, also known as true cardamom. Green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices of all time. MEG exporters, the #1 Cardamom exporter in Kerala, India provide the best competitive pricing for cardamom available in the industry.

Some Interesting Facts About Cardamom:

Being the top cardamom exporters in Kerala, India we have years of experience catering this exotic spice to various parts of the world. Cardamom has a unique flavor and intense aroma. used as flavorings for sweets and also as spice in savory dishes. Cardamom comes as small black seeds enclosed in green pods. Several Asian countries, including India, Nepal & Korea, use cardamom to prepare tea. Qahwa, the Arabic coffee has Cardamom as one of the ingredients. Cardamom is used for baking in many cuisines. As for savories, the famous garam masala of India has cardamom as a main ingredient. Cardamom is an indispensable element in almost all North Indian gravies, biriyanis etc.

Both types of cardamom are widely used in both sweet and savoury dishes throughout Asia, particularly in the south. Both are common ingredients in spice blends such as Indian and Nepali masalas, as well as Thai curry pastes. Green cardamom is commonly used in Indian sweets and masala chai (spiced tea). Both are popular garnishes for basmati rice and other dishes. Individual seeds are sometimes chewed and used similarly to chewing gum. Wrigley uses it in its Eclipse Breeze Exotic Mint product packaging, which states that it contains “cardamom to neutralise the toughest breath odours.” Aromatic bitters, gin, and herbal teas all contain it.

Health Benefits of Cardamom:

Green cardamom has many medicinal properties too. It contains antioxidants and thus helps in lowering blood pressure, fighting cancer etc.

In the treatment of digestive problems, cardamom is often used. Weight loss, blood sugar control, and blood pressure control are some of the benefits of cardamom. In addition to its use as a digestive aid, cardamom can also prevent bad breath

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