Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Firstly, black pepper, also known as peppercorn is the seed of the plant Piper nigrum. MEG Exporters are one of the top black pepper exporters in India & all seeds are collected from farmers in Kerala. Native to India, this is one of the most exotic spices used worldwide. India has been exporting pepper since the time prehistoric times. Black pepper is used in powdered and crushed forms in all cuisines across the world. MEG Exporters, the most trusted black pepper exporter in India, deliver top quality black pepper. We have state of the art technology for gathering, drying and packing the peppercorns without losing its nutritional value & flavor. MEG exports exotic black pepper worldwide.

Peppercorns are collected, washed and dried in sun. Pepper gets its spicy flavor and heat from Piperine. Pepper has medicinal values and pepper oil is used in many ayurvedic treatments. Pepper has been in use for relieving constipation, insomnia and toothaches from ancient times. Pepper contains vitamin K, iron, manganese & dietary fibre.

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#1 Black Pepper Exporters in India

MEG Exporters deliver black pepper in desired quantities all over the world. Moreover, we provide the best pricing in the industry. We provide 100% pure pepper with zero preservatives. Contact us for any requirement of black pepper, the king of spices.

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