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MEG Exporters are the leading exporters of basmati rice in India. We collect only the finest and purest basmati rice. Our rice has a delightful flavor & refreshing aroma. Contact us for purchasing Basmati rice in bulk quantities.

Why is Basmati Rice so special?

Basmati Rice is famous for its unique aroma & flavor. The flavor, aroma and length of basmati rice depends on its location, harvesting and processing techniques etc. Price of basmati rice varies based on these qualities. Demand for good quality basmati rice is high in Middle East, Europe & the United States. Demand for basmati is increasing worldwide now. we are one of the leading basmati rice exporter from india.
We at MEG Exporters, help farmers to sell their products at a better cost. We only deal with farmers providing premium quality unadulterated basmati rice. Any buyers looking for the best basmati rice can contact us. We provide rice as per your requirements in a timely manner.

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We at MEG Exports, one of the leading basmati rice exporter from india makes sure that both our buyers & our sellers get the maximum benefit from doing business with us. We provide unadulterated best basmati rice available in the Indian Subcontinent. We make the export process easy since we ourselves have all the necessary export clearances, transport facilities and warehouse facilities. Contact us for a finely tuned business experience. Contact us to get a quote suitable for your query.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are asked regularly by our clients

India is the world’s biggest spice producer, consumer, and exporter, producing 75 of the 109 kinds listed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Saffron is expensive than Gold. Yes, you heard it right, saffron is the most expensive spice that is exported from India. Other than being used in cooking, this flower is believed to have cosmetic properties.

The top importers of the Indian spices are:

United Arab Emirates, USA, UK China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia & Sri Lanka.

Black Pepper is known as the king of spices. Majority of black pepper is exported from Kerala- a state in South India.