1121 Golden Basmati Rice

1121 Golden Basmati Rice

Looking for luxurious 1121 golden basmati rice? Contact MEG Exporters, the number 1 exporters of 1121 golden basmati rice to all parts of the world. Golden basmati rice has derived its name from its characteristic gold color. It’s golden color is attributed to parboiling & drying the rice before milling process. This also helps in locking up nutrients and flavors of the rice.

Additional Information
Cultivation Type
Shelf Life
1 Year
Long Grain
Gluten Free, High In Protein
Sharbati Golden Basmati Rice

1121 golden basmati rice is highly nutrient and can combat malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. The starch or carbohydrate content is also low for this rice. Firstly 1121 golden basmati rice is used in preparing many exotic recipes such as biriyani. Secondly, they are the preferred choice for diabetic patients as they have a low glycemic index when compared to traditional raw white rice. Contact us for all bulk export orders of 1121 golden basmati rice to any continent. We have export clearance as well as our own transportation facilities to make your job easier. We offer the best price in industry.

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