1509 Golden Basmati Rice

1509 Golden Basmati Rice

As the name suggests, 1509 golden basmati rice has a nice golden color. This is specifically due to the processing and milling techniques used in the production of 1509 golden basmati rice. The rice is parboiled while still in the husk, then it is milled and finally processed and packed for export to anywhere in the world. MEG Exporters, the trusted name in basmati export industry, can deliver 1509 golden basmati rice in any quantity to anywhere in the world.

Additional Information
Cultivation Type
Shelf Life
1 Year
Long Grain
Gluten Free, High In Protein
Sharbati Golden Basmati Rice

The golden basmati rice has an extremely low GI. Therefore, this rice is a better choice for diabetic patients as well as those who wish to lower their carbohydrate intake. 1509 golden basmati rice helps in combating malnutrition as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

For any queries related to exporting 1509 golden basmati rice, please contact MEG Exporters. We undertake delivery of any quantity of basmati rice to all parts of the world. Our processes helps maintain the purity and quality of the rice and makes sure that the buyers get their products at the best possible price.

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