Sella Basmati Rice

Sella Basmati Rice

Golden Sella Basmati Rice is famous for its unequaled quality, rich flavor, and homogeneous grain size. MEG exporters offer rice of the highest quality and purity that has been packed with perfect hygiene. Sella basmati rice can absorb flavors of spices, herbs and spices which makes it the perfect choice for many gourmet recipes like risotto, paella etc.

Additional Information
Cultivation Type
Shelf Life
1 Year
Long Grain
Gluten Free, High In Protein
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Procedure of Milling Sella Basmati Rice:

Sella basmati rice is differentiated from raw basmati rice by its milling procedure. Pure basmati rice is first steamed and then dried. The rice is parboiled carefully to lock in the nutrients. Sella basmati rice is long grained, aromatic & has resilience to over cooking. Sella basmati rice helps in combating malnutrition. It is a proven source of Vitamins, Iron, Zinc & protein.

Best Sella Basmati Rice Exporters:

MEG Exporters have state of art machinery for Sella basmati rice production. Our sophisticated machinery and newest technology ensure moisture-proof packaging. Since we have our own packaging tools, warehouse and export facilities, we are able to offer the best competitive pricing for any desired quantities of Sella basmati rice you need..

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