Sharbati Raw Basmati Rice

Sharbati Raw Basmati Rice

Sharbati raw basmati rice is basically a long grain basmati rice that is cultivated widely in India. After cooking, they become fluffy and non-sticky. Sharbati raw basmati rice is the most cost-effective basmati rice produced in India. MEG exporters supply Sharbati raw basmati rice to anywhere in the world. Contact us for more details regarding the export of Sharbati raw basmati rice, its pricing and transportation procedures.

Additional Information
Cultivation Type
Shelf Life
1 Year
Long Grain
Gluten Free, High In Protein
Sharbati Golden Basmati Rice

Sharbati raw basmati rice, known for its fragrance and economic value, is a long-grained rice that is easy to digest. This rice is an excellent source of minerals like iron and zinc. Firstly, we would like to emphasize the fact that the Sharbati raw basmati rice that we provide is free of all artificial colors and flavors. This rice has been checked thoroughly for quality during its packing process. Contact us to know more about MEG Exporters, the top spice exporters of India.

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